Some of my recent videos

A'dam Bachata Festival

Made this short promo for an international dance school in Amsterdam to excite the latin dance community in major EU countries.


Music video for a talented Czech guitarist Ladislav Pazdera. Sirocco is a strong sandy wind blowing through Sahara. To represent that subtly, I made the guitar strings wave like the hot desert wind itself.

A'dam Bachata Festival

ABF was the first international dance festival in Amstedam by Bailemos dance school. My goal was to let their audience see the team behind the festival so visitors can trust and support the event even if it's their first.

Meraki Crowdfunding

After getting a positive response on Sirocco, Ladislav, along with Karlijn Langendijk, called me for another video for their crowdfunding campaign. This video helped them raise 8000+ Euros for their album Meraki.

In.Fit is a new fitness app that helps people earn money for taking care of their health. This is the first video from series of 4 to soft launch their facebook page without revealing the actual concept of the app.

Claudia Cardistry

Sponteneuously shot this video on my iPhone when Claudia decided to do some cardistry in Amsterdam. She is a talented young woman who knows her cards pretty well. It was quite challenging because my iPhone storage was full and I had to record most shots in 640p.


Some of my design work

Branding has been my core skill and it helps me understand both - my clients and their audience much better. Here are some of my branding clients that I've had the pleasure of working with:


Some websites that I've designed and developed

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